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I will layout your pages for you! The new QuickPrint Wizardtm quickly and easily takes you through the steps to layout and print your photos.

1. First, the Wizard has you setup your printer for paper size, orientation, and printer resolution.

2. Next, you specify the photo size (ie 4X6, 5X7, 8X10) and preferred orientation (landscape or portrait).

3. You then can apply global filter settings from the Programmable Filter Bank and have them automatically applied to all the images (a little Unsharp Mask sharpening for instance). As always, these steps are completely non-destructive and never alter your original image file in any way.

4. Then, you simply drag and drop the image filenames into the Batch Bucket and click Finish.

QuickPrint Wizard then goes to work laying out your page to fit the maximum number of images on a page, all nicely arranged. In a matter of seconds, you have all your images neatly laid out on pages which can still be further edited with your mouse by adding text, captions, filters, moving, rotating, etc!!! Once your pages are exactly as you like, you can print them out with the unsurpassed image quality that PixPrint provides.

For more information, check out the on-line Quick Start Guide for using the QuickPrint Wizard.