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New for 2008

PixViewer v1.2 by Sunshine Software

A quick and easy way to browse your image files!

PixViewerTM offers a unique and easy way to view your digital image files.

You can quickly and easily view images in a selected folder either manually or automatically in Slideshow mode. Using just your mouse or keyboard hotkeys you can zoom in and out, move between pictures, start and stop the slideshow, and rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. Lots of transitions are available when moving between images as well.

You can also use PixViewer for Image File Conversion! You can now save your images in many different image file formats using PixViewer by simply selecting Save As and choosing your file format.

When EXIF data is present from newer digital cameras, PixViewer will automatically rotate the image for you depending on how you had positioned the camera. You can also display EXIF data superimposed on your images.

PixViewer was designed with no menu bar to maximize the screen area for viewing of images with a simple, uncluttered look. You can quickly use a fullscreen mode or have it any size and position you want as an idependent window.

To access menu options you simply right click your mouse button and a pop up menu will appear.

PixViewer is
distributed as

Free to try,
$18.00 to keep.


PixViewer v1.2 features include 

  • No menu bar for a clean, uncluttered window to view your images
  • Image File format conversion! Save your image file in another image format
  • Very inexpensive to register, only $18 online
  • Works with most of the popular image formats used today
  • Display embedded EXIF information on screen along with the image
  • Fast rendering engine for fast performance
  • Functions can be accessed with a pop-up menu or by using hotkeys
  • Auto-rotate feature will auto-rotate images when EXIF info contains orientation information
  • Slideshow mode lets your computer navigate a folder of images automatically
  • Zoom in/out with your mouse scroll wheel or hotkeys
  • Display images with "best fit" to fill your window with the image.
  • Lots of fun transitions, such as fade, clock, random pixels, etc
  • Set the time for transitions
  • Set the slideshow time for each image
  • Drag and drop an image onto the PixViewer screen to view.
  • Double click an image file and it will automatically open in PixViewer
  • Much, much more!
  Try PixViewer today for free! It is fully functional with only an occasional "nag screen" asking you to register. Once you get the feel of it, you will appreciate it's lightening fast response. You can utilize every function using the mouse and/or hot keys, so there doesn't need to be any menu bars cluttering up the screen. Your images will fill the screen with crisp colorful reproduction.