PixPrint Quick Start Guide

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When you first start PixPrint, you have a screen showing a selected folder (directory), image files in the selected  folder, and a blank piece of paper representing your page.

Clicking on any image file name will preview the image in the Preview Window. You can then simply drag and drop any image filename onto the page to add it.

The status bar on the bottom of the screen displays, from left to right, the selected image file name, the size (width x height) in pixels of the image, and the current size mode. In this case, any images added will be a 4X6 image with a Landscape orientation.

The easiest way to add images of a single size to your page is with the QuickPrint Wizard! The QuickPrint Wizard will automatically add images to your page giving you the maximum number of images per page for any selected size. To start the QuickPrint Wizard, select Tools/QuickPrint Wizard, or simply click the QuickPrint Wizard speedbutton.