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FontFinder 32 by Sunshine Software now features the powerful new Font Explorer        Ziff Davis, publisher of PC Magazine, awards FontFinder 32 it's highest 5 star rating and makes it their Editor's Pick!  
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FontFinder by Sunshine Software provides a quick and easy way to browse your system fonts. It displays all system fonts using their own font face making it a must have for all page designers!

*** Awarded the Ziff Davis ZDNet Highest 5 Star Rating ***

*** SoftSeek File of the Day and Pick Of The Week ***

FontFinder 32TM from Sunshine Software allows you to quickly browse all your installed system fonts simultaneously by displaying each in its own font face. You can display the entire character set with it's decimal and hexadecimal equivalents; 4 different reports with on-screen preview allow you to print a list of installed printer or screen fonts, a single font sample sheet, and the full ascii character set of any selected font. Registry Doctor checks and repairs your Font Registry entries. Dupe Detector lets you find duplicate font files on your computer with CRC checking. Efficient coding gives you all this in a compact program with no run times required and therefore it uses less of your system resources. Distributed as shareware, it is only $25 to register after the free 30 day trial period. You can now register on-line with your credit card for $28 using a secured server.

Windows 95,
Windows 98,
or NT

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Latest 5.99 features include

  • Updated to work with TrueType and OpenType font files
  • Color Reports - select your ink colors for your reports
  • Dupe Detector Tool finds all of your duplicate font files!
  • New 3D Shaded look for previewing your fonts
  • Real time Sentence Preview! Type in a sentence and watch it appear in every installed font on your system as you type!
  • Registry Doctor checks and repairs your Font Registry 
  • Icons in FontExplorer immediately display installation status for each TrueType file
  • Multi-Select fonts for reports and uninstalling from the main screen
  • Improved handling of Adobe type 1 fonts
  • New tools to instantly view Registry Font Entries and Font Substitutions
  • All new professional reports are "Font-Tastic"!!!
  • Dynamic Report Engine lets you modify report page layout
  • All new user interface lets you find fonts with a single click of the mouse
  • Exclusive Font ExplorerTM to view installed and uninstalled fonts from disk or CD-ROM
  • Install and uninstall TrueType fonts from within our exclusive Font Explorer
  • Install fonts from any Folder, Disk Drive, or CD-ROM
  • Print reports of entire folders of both installed and uninstalled fonts
  • Full Font Management with folder creation and deletion
  • Easily catagorize and store your fonts for quick recall and installation
  • New look and feel with adjustable display colors for font and paper
  • Save and recall your favorite Color Schemes with our new Color Management feature
  • All new design shows ALL styles of all font familes
  • Preview and print sample sheets of both installed and uninstalled fonts
  • Selectable Character View from mouse clicks
  • Tool Bar Buttons for fast access to most commonly used features
  • Sizable Column  format in main screen for easier reading of Sample Text String
  • New character view with decimal, hexadecimal, and character equivalents
  • Floating Zoom Box for Character Set screens with dec, hex, or ascii equivalents
FontFinder 32
is distributed
as shareware.

Free to try,
$25 to keep.

You must
register if used
beyond the
30 day trial.

      FontFinder 32TM Features

  • View a list of your fonts displayed in their typeface
  • Explore your disk and CD-ROM for fonts you need
  • Exclusive Font ExplorerTM for browsing font files
  • View the entire character set of a selected font
  • Zoom in on any individual character
  • Print a list of your installed fonts showing their typefaces
  • Print selected fonts in multiple sizes for a sample sheet
  • Know how many fonts you have installed
  • Compare the screen and printer fonts installed
  • Find the decimal, hexadecimal, and ascii equivalent for every character in the character map
Click to download NOW! The entire character set with floating zoom box