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Programmable Filter Banks  - A PixPrint Feature


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As further evidence of the "Complete Digital Darkroom in your Computer" paradigm, PixPrint proudly offers its very powerful and versatile Programmable Filter Banks Tool. With a chemical darkroom, you can enlarge, crop, rotate, and add filter effects without ever changing your actual negative. This is also how PixPrint works! You can do all those things plus more for unsurpassed quality output without ever changing your original image file!

The Programmable Filter Banks in PixPrint allow you to either "fix up" that negative (image file), or have fun and add creative, artistic changes for interesting special effects! And best of all, once you've found your magic settings, you can name them and save them for instant recall at anytime!

If your digital camera has a tendency to have a blueish cast, simple create a filter by adjusting the sliders to compensate for the camera's shift. Then save it by giving it an appropriate name, like "950 Blue Cast Correction". Then whenever printing, you can quickly recall the setting and apply it to any image you print. You can also adjust each image a little differently by changing the filter parameters ever so slightly.

You will be amazed at how you can restore those color shifted or poorly exposed images as well! The special Gamma filter let's you adjust for exposure without "burnout" by adjusting only limited areas of brightess. A quick fix for an overly dark image is to add Gamma and Contrast. You will see detail restored in the file you didn't even know was there! The Programmable Filter Bank Tool displays both the Original and the Filtered image so you can instantly compare. The high quality filters are optimized for fast processing to provide real time virtually instantaneous processing.

Exclusive Programmable Filter Bank lets you save your favorite filter settings!

In addition to getting the best print from your image file, you can also use it to achieve some stunning special effects! Because you can adjust the Red, Green, Blue, and Saturation components separately, you can create an unlimited number of Grayscale effects to model different types of Black and White film! Below are a few examples of Filter Presets that are included for free with the PixPrint Programmable Filter Bank Tool. Below are images taken with a Nikon 990 and have some Special Effect Filters applied.


PixPrint is distributed as shareware, it is only $29.95 to register after the free 30 day trial period. You can now register on-line using a credit card for $32.95 using a secure server.