fontlogo.gif (267 bytes) FontFinder 32 by Sunshine Software now features the powerful new Font Explorer        Ziff Davis, publisher of PC Magazine, awards FontFinder 32 it's highest 5 star rating and makes it their Editor's Pick!

Font ExplorerTM - a powerful new tool in FontFinder 32


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Font ExplorerTM allows you to browse all your font files with an Explorer like interface. You get advanced font file details usually hidden from the user, plus you can preview character strings and character maps of any True Type font, installed or uninstalled on your disc drive and CD-ROM drive!

Font ExplorerTM is a very powerful new tool now included with FontFinder 32. To use it, you simply select Tools/Font Explorer from the main FontFinder menu. The Font Explorer screen opens with the familiar left side folder/right side file name appearance. You can browse any TrueType font files on disk. It will show you extended Font File information usually hidden from the user, a sample user selected character string, or a full character map. This will work for both installed and uninstalled True Type fonts! You can then double click a selected font name, and a font sample sheet showing font details and several sizes of the font will appear for previewing or printing to your default printer. You can obtain Font Explorer by registering Font Finder 32. It is only $25 to register after the free 30 day trial period. You can now register on-line with your credit card for $28 using a secured server.

Font Explorer
a user entered
test string.
When you
click on any
Font Name,
the test string
displays in
the selected
font whether
it is installed
or not!

The status bar
whether or not
the selected
font is
installed in
your system.

Font Explorer showing Extended Font File Information

Font Explorer
also provides
a character
map which
features our
Floating Zoom.

Just click your
mouse button
on any char-
acter and you
will zoom in
and preview
that character
along with its
decimal, hex,
or ascii
Font Explorer displaying a user entered test string
Font Explorer
Font File

This info
is embedded
in every
True Type
font file.
Font Explorer displaying a character map of the selected font