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Radial Adjust Tool

Eliminates Barrel Distortion and Pin Cushion Effects

PixShow has an advanced method to correct for lens distortion (or induce it for special effects if desired). The most common type of lens distortion is "barrel distortion" which occures most frequently when using a wide angle lens setting.

Straight lines are bent away from the center of the image, so a rectangle looks like a barrel. The opposite effect can also happen where straight lines are bent in towards the center which is commonly referred to as a "Pin Cushion" effect.

The Radial Adjust Tool in PixShow uses a sophisticated weighted sampling technique  to smoothly eliminate this distortion.

This photo, taken with a Nikon 950 digital camera using a wide angle setting, illustrates the "Barrel Distortion" problem prevalent in many wide angle lens.

The same photo, after processing with the Radial Adjust Tool in PixShow. Settings used were -0.022, 0, 0, 1.